Artistic Strategies for Urban Spaces

Artists/Architects Talk: Tim Edler & Jan Edler, realities:united, studio for art and architecture (Berlin)

Curated by Alireza Labeshka

January 14, 2016
In KAAF Institute

Artistic Strategies for Urban Spaces Poster
Artistic Strategies for Urban Spaces Poster

“realities:united” projects can be studied in the intersection of art, architecture and urban planning; on the one hand they have designed technological interactive facades for both museums, cultural & art institutes, from Europe and America to eastern Asia; on the other hand, regarding the issue of citizen’s public space appropriation, they have designed some fascinating urban designs in Berlin. They had exhibitions of conceptual art in New York galleries and were representative of Germany in Venice Architecture Biennale and also have been awarded in many important international competitions. With just take a glimpse to their ongoing and past projects, we can find a kind of permanent tendency both in their activities from technological infrastructures projects and media architecture; a progress that is always being assisted by interdisciplinary solutions; a tendency that has amended itself in order to become a targeted approach; a kind of untold manifest: building and designing for the public. Berliners may have not forgotten their designed chair (for the flats which does not have balconies), as a producible mobile space extension, a one-person balcony, in order to connect the interior to the public urban spaces or they hopefully celebrate swimming in the cleaned main river of their city (Spree). Certainly having this opportunity to listen to the heads of realities-united studio can make the audiences more acquainted with what is going on in the realm of contemporary urban creative projects.