Multiplied Nightmares

Solo Painting Exhibition by Aida Vosoughi

May 12-22, 2013
Raf Gallery

Multiplied Nightmares Poster
Multiplied Nightmares Poster

The form of thinking for “how” to survive is the same among human being and animals. However, the form in which we are seeking for “quiddity” is believed to be human’s characteristic. So that, the human -the fledged animal- could analyze the basic instinct of animals to have an overview of his own. From The old times of Storytelling and painting until The Modern Times of animation and documentary-making, has sat to watch the inhuman.A good example is “Kalila and Dimna”*. The introduction of the book translated by Borzooyeh, quotes the king describing that era as dark ages, cruel, wicked, perverse. For such an era, the jungle tale had formed; The tales in which, living without ruse and guile is quite impossible. Backbiting is necessary and betraying is compulsory. Lying to cowards is essential and ripping the superiors is mandatory. “Abou Al Maali”, the translator and author, begun the book praising God for dedicating the power of thinking and talking to human. This is the beginning for a book that the lions, jackals, and cows. .. .are making politics in poetry and prose.
In “multiplied nightmares” the artist relates this attitude to her paintings. The decorative patterns has been defamiliarize. These ancient Persian motives stands to create an atmosphere beyond the common interpretation. Where the codes of conducts of animals differ from the forests in tales. The guileful tricksters who used to receive punishment as a result of their actions, have no fear of judgment today. The sound of archly laughter from the paintings confirms that the cruelty and guile has ruined the jungle. An apocalypse now.

* “Kalila and Dimna” is one of the classical pieces of Persian literature. It has been translated first from Indian to Pahlavi, before muslim conquest Persia, later to arabic and in 12century to persian. Kalila and Dimna are names of two jackals who play roles in the lion’s kingdom.