Underneath The Flag

Paintings by Naghme Aslani
Curated by Nima Zaghian

January 18-23, 2013
Address: No.299, Fatemi St., Tehran, Iran
Raf Gallery

Underneath The Flag Poster
Underneath The Flag Poster

Though for an artist, the city as it is for others, an objective and visual entity, but what practically manifests through his work is not the city in itself but the city as he had perceived interacted with; in other words the artist whose intention is to investigate through his environment, is not depicting his city, but is outlining the traces of his relation with his city. In such states the artist’s work seems as a book of proverbs; a proverbial stance that the artist captures from the objective exterior and revitalizes it in its own. personal ground of senses. The difference between an art of direct reflections of his city and the one who modifies it through his abstract notions is akin to the difference between the the “authority” of a coherent text and fractures of punctuated manuscripts and quotations. For an artist with an oeuvre of ” fractured ” personal experience, of course the macro narratives have ended and he lives in the microcosm of narratives beyond such holism.